AVO Enhances Your Productivity

Comprehensive Math

Avo Synthesis is a complex backend system which puts linear algebra concepts into a directed graph in order to search, add, and manipulate the relationships between theorems.

AVO Cloud

Easy access to the AVO Cloud gives you a revolutionary way to share work with colleagues and students. Real-time backup of all your and your students' data.

Database Connectivity

Marks on your computer with a quick and easy export to csv (excel) to get a hard copy for your classes marks

Quick Support System

We devote ourselves into helping you to solve all questions. A technical and business help staff will always be available for you within one business day upon your request

AVO Enhances Your Teaching Experience

Course Specific Packages

Large and growing database of questions developed by working closely with professors and graduate students. These questions are categorized into meaningful sets which allow instructors to easily build assignments and tests.

Question Generator and Builder

Intuitive and easy to use Question Builder that allows instructors to create randomly generated questions with automated explanations, also question sets to quiz students on simple to complex questions

Education Analytics

Allowing both teachers and students to see how the class is doing on every assignment/test with intuitive breakdown of scores and distribution of each question. Help teachers find what to focus on helping students to learn.

Class Management

AVO's built-in class management system streamlines the process of creating, assigning, checking, and marking assignments and quizzes for each of your classes, and enable you to customize your teaching strategy for each of your classes.

AVO Enhances Your Students' Learning Experience

Interactive Practice

A complexity system which allows students to choose between easy, medium, and hard questions to practice on and provides step by step explanations for students after they submit their answers.

Visualized Learning

Using the Avo Synthesis computation model, the interactive guide allows students to have a visual connection with how mathematical theorems are related. This allows for students to have a more immersive learning experience.

Progress and Feedback

AVO gives students the ability to check his or her personal progresses compared to the general progress in the class, show the upcoming quiz, and get feedback instantly anytime and anywhere.

Self-Paced Learning

The online platform and tutor is always up and running, waiting to help students to learn and practice at any time. This enables the students to plan for his or her own learning.

Whether you are stuggling with math or never get stressed over it, AVO is made just for you, to make learning math easier